Tellervo Syrjäkari

Costume designer, Jyväskylä, www

Tellervo Syrjäkari, MA, graduated from Aalto University’s Department of Film, Television and Scenography in 2014. During her career as freelance costume and set designer, she has worked for a number of theatres in Finland, such as Theatre Jurkka, Unga-teatern, Theatre Takomo, Helsinki-, Oulu-, Rovaniemi-, Seinäjoki and Jyväskylä City Theatres. She has worked as a dresser and assistant costumer for such world-renowned artists as Prince, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Sir. Paul McCartney at their concerts in Helsinki. In addition, Syrjäkari has worked as theatre costume maker at the Finnish National Opera, The National Theatre and The Savonlinna Opera Festival. She gained a permanent costume designer’s position at Jyväsykyä City Theatre starting in November 2017.

“I have a strong intuition and I experience the world around me from a highly visual perspective. I have always been interested in people and I enjoy observing how people dress, how they carry themselves, how their beauty, as well as their ugliness, comes across through different contrasts and contradiction in their appearance. The costume designer does not only create ‘beautiful dresses’, her talent lies in creating all kinds of characters and personalities.

Clothing, clothing art and fashion speak to me. I find costume design as the best way to actualize my own visions while contributing to the artistic team’s end result: the play.

Freedom and creativity are big part of my work. I enjoy the process of visualizing the characters in a play, which then leads to the actual costume worn by an actor on the stage. I have learned to trust the work process: the scenic view guides the costume designer through reading the script and working with the artistic team. I find collaboration and dialogue arising from the conversations within the artistic group extremely inspiring. The costume designer’s work is always carried out in a tight interaction with others in the production team and this includes collecting ideas and developing the visual images for costumes.

I simply love theatre: living in a group, reading literature, creating different worlds and re-creating bygone eras with their specific visual characteristics. When making theatre, I get to live in the present moment, which is never the same. I love the inspiration and wisdom that theatre brings to my life.”

West Side Story, Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri

West Side Story, Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri

Premiere 5.9.2020

Arthur Laurents & Jerome Robbins

Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim

Photo: Jiri Halttunen

Kolmen kimppa, Helsingin kaupunginteatteri

Kolmen kimppa, Helsingin kaupunginteatteri

Premiere 12.9.2019

Clément Michel

Photo: Tuomo Manninen

Hair, Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri

Hair, Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri

Premiere 8.9.2018

Gerome Ragni & James Rado

Galt MacDermot

Photos: Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen

Kikka Fan Club, Teatteri Jurkka

Kikka Fan Club, Teatteri Jurkka

Premiere 9.9.2017

Laura Gustafsson

Photos: Marko Mäkinen

Tämä on ryöstö! Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri

Tämä on ryöstö! Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri

Premiere 5.10.2019

Henry Lewis/Jonathan Sayer/Henry Shields

Photos: Jiri Halttunen

Fungus, Unga Teatern

Fungus, Unga Teatern

Premiere 19.9.2015

Christian Lindroos & Sofia Finnilä

Photo: Petra Lönnqvist