Tuuli Ahonen

Lavastaja ja erikoisrekvisiittateknikko, Helsinki, www

Hei sinä! Olen erikoisrekvisiittaan ja tilallisten seikkailujen luontiin erikoistunut lavastaja. Opiskeluni esittävien taiteiden lavastajana ja työni Sankariliigalla ovat laajentaneet osaamistani kattamaan monia eri osa-alueita. Minua kiehtovat muun muassa pelilliset esitykset, virtuaalitodellisuus ja maailmojen luonti.

Tässä ohessa on pieni näyte tekemästäni työstä Sankariliigalla Tuntemanton REDUX -lyhytelokuvaa varten. Valmistin Petteri Mäkisen suunnittelemien sotilaspukujen haarniskaosat vinyylivaahtolevyistä, kankaasta ja retkipatjasta. Vastasin myös haarniskojen maalauksesta, ruostuttamisesta ja patinoinnista. Haarniskaosien kiinnitykset tein yhteistyössä lyhytelokuvan puvustajan, Riina Niemisen kanssa.

Artist statement

I am a space explorer. I am your space invader.

The main quest in my life is to follow the urge to examine and create spatial experiences. My aim is to delight and excite people. Equipped with a smirk, whimsical humour and an oxymoronic attitude, I battle against the apparent reality to seek and produce alternate ones. My weapon of choice is art. I work in the realms of conceptual art, immersive performances, installations, custom props and pervasive games. As a scenographer, I tell stories and build worlds with the traces of existence left in space and objects. When getting into an inspirational frenzy, intuition is my guide. With my superpower, organising skill, I bring order into chaos. I am where logic meets emotion, where Spock meets Kirk. I am the extremities.

Fabrication and mimicry are the essence of my work. I transform the make-believe into reality. I craft either miniscule or colossal objects and adventures that are highly elaborate. The results may vary from surprisingly witty to spacetasticly cheeky. The tools I use are versatile. I have scattered my skill points to various techniques to become more plastic. To name a few achievements I have unlocked on my learning journey: sculpting, drawing, cinematography, video editing, 3D modelling, motion graphics, lighting and artisanship. These tools are extensions of my body and mind. Intrigued by philosophical meta-thinking, I approach the world as a playground. Research always plays a vital role in my work processes. Textualising and visualising thoughts helps me sort out my brain when it is in hyperdrive. Through association, I am able to harness my true sensitivity.

Currently, my focus is on investigating phenomena of sensory experiences in space. While studying, I am researching alternate reality games and virtual reality. To hone my practical skills, I work for different moving picture projects at the special effects prop shop of the League of Heroes. My task at the moment is probing minds, especially my own, and questioning the reality we live in. I intend to level up and get more experience by constantly learning and evolving. When I am not creating, you can find me nerding out near a tabletop game. Or in the woods playing with squirrels. Try the woods first.

Tuntematon REDUX